Roboter hält eine Flasche in den Händen
Design and Implementation of Cognition-Enabled Robotic Systems
10 weeks à 8 hours


This interactive course offers learners the opportunity to independently understand the challenges involved in realizing cognition-enabled robot agents as well as the components necessary to address these challenges. In 10 modules, the content of which ranges from an introduction to robotics to cognitive architectures for robots, knowledge and skills are acquired through an interactive multimedia textbook comprising short videos, video lectures, lecture slides, recommended reading and videos, as well as multiple choice exercises. Participants are guided step-by-step through all the components that are required to build a cognition-enabled robot agent from scratch.

What content can I expect?

  • Robot hardware (e.g., links, joints, sensors, etc.)
  • Movement and action planning and execution
  • Robot perception, learning and cognition
  • Formalization of robotic knowledge & cognitive architectures

What will I achieve?

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to ...

  • realize software components for robot agents,
  • explain the interaction of robot components and to recognize the capabilities of robot agents,
  • independently create movement and manipulation planning of robot agents,
  • to classify robot components and employ them in complex cognitive systems


  • Bachelor in Computer Science or comparable,

  • interest in the field of artificial intelligence or robotics.

Who offers this course?

Michael Beetz Universität Bremen
Prof. Dr. h.c. Michael Beetz
Universität Bremen
Petra Wenzl Uni Bremen
Petra Wenzl
Universität Bremen
Jörn Syrbe Universität Bremen
Dr. Jörn Syrbe
Universität Bremen
Till Ruemenapp
Till Rümenapp
Universität Bremen

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What else should I know?

Online course
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