AI ExpertLabs

AI ExpertLabs are the Think- & Do tanks of the AI Campus: They are set up to facilitate networking amongst experts in central areas of AI application, Researchers, teachers and practitioners are invited to participate. AI ExpertLabs serve as the central innovation hubs of the AI Campus in terms of content and methodological development.

The core objectives are the improvement of digital education on AI topics and the corresponding development of content, formats and technologies. The AI Campus accompanies the work of the Labs through innovative workshop formats, networking with expert communities and the transfer of results. Possible results are, recommendations for the development of new learning content, definitions of needs and requirements (e.g. standards and specifications), white papers or general recommendations for the use of AI technologies in digital education. The participants decide on the focal points in exchange with the AI Campus team and additional cooperation partners. The practical relevance of all results has a high priority. 

AI ExpertLabs offer a platform to …

… conduct discourses on the future of AI education in innovative formats.

… question methods and aims for AI education in the selected subject areas.

… identify hurdles and drivers that influence the treatment of AI in education.

… involve key stakeholders in the networking and community activities of the AI campus. 

AI ExpertLab Medicine

Grafik Doktor und Skelett

For medical education, the development of AI technologies opens up numerous perspectives, e.g. in diagnostics, drug development or for personalized treatment. But also for practicing physicians and medical staff, new AI technologies may hold great potential. What should effective learning opportunities look like? The AI ExpertLab Medicine brings together key-players in the field and creates a framework for the dialogue on central issues of Artificial Intelligence and data literacy in medical education and training. 

AI ExpertLab University Teaching

ExpertLab Hochschullehre

Universities play a pioneering role in the teaching of AI skills: as central places of research as well as education and training, they are challenged in several respects to meet the new demands through artificial intelligence: 

1. they must integrate topics and issues in the field of artificial intelligence into the curricula of the departments and provide suitable learning opportunities.

2. they must use the potential of AI supported learning, in a responsible way taking into account clear data and legal policies for teachers and learners.

3. they must provide technical infrastructures to enable the use of AI systems in a secure, stable and sustainable manner. 

All these topics are addressed by the AI ExpertLab University Teaching. Innovative solutions, new approaches and recommendations for action emerge from the exchange and working results of the participants. The AI ExpertLab is managed by the AI Campus in cooperation with Fernuniversität in Hagen. 

AI ExpertLab School and Teaching

Grafik Kinder Workshop

In order to effectively tackle the vision of an AI-competent society, it is imperative that schools, as the largest educational actors, are involved. Teachers can empower children and young people in understanding AI.

From March 2021 to December 2022, the AI ExpertLab School therefore explored the question what teachers need to embed AI and data as contemporary teaching content into their subjects. Through the initiative of the participating experts, it was possible to better understand the needs of teachers in integrating the topics of AI and data into the classroom, to develop target-group-oriented offers, and to strengthen the link between extracurricular offers on AI and data with the curricula. The results of the collaboration are now available on the school website.


If you are interested in learning more about our AI ExpertLabs, please feel free to contact us.