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Get to know AI

Get to know the most important concepts in AI. Learn what AI is, where it is used and how it affects you.

Study AI

Expand your AI skills and competences in a targeted manner. Immerse yourself in learning opportunities on selected key topics.

Apply AI in practice

Learn how you can use and apply AI yourself. Benefit from practical examples and learning opportunities tailored to your field.

Get to know AI

AI is a key technology of the future, and it is already an important part of our private and professional lives today. The aim of the learning opportunities in the "Get to know AI" section is to provide you with an introduction to the topic.

What is AI? What fields does it consist of? To what extent is AI changing the way we live and work? How can AI be useful? Familiarise yourself with the core AI concepts and methods to better understand and interpret the latest developments in the field.

Study AI

Would you like to immerse yourself in the concepts, methods and technologies of AI or expand your skills and competences in specific areas? If the answer is yes, then the learning opportunities from the "Study AI" section are just what you need. Delve into topics such as problem solving, knowledge representation, inference, machine learning, natural language processing, robotics and many others.

As with all learning opportunities on the AI Campus, you do not need to be enrolled at a university to participate. However, you may be able to get ECTS credits for selected courses and have them recognised by the respective university.

Apply AI in practice

AI is becoming ever more important in a growing number of fields, professions and industries. In fact, AI is already the starting point for many activities and services today, even outside the digital sector. For example, it supports diagnostics in the medical field, the use of robots for strenuous tasks in industrial applications, and learning opportunities that are tailored to the needs of individual learners in educational settings.

The "Apply AI" section will enable you to build up practical skills using specific case studies. You will learn about the added value of AI and how you can use and apply it yourself.

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