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Eric Londaits
Eric Londaits

I work at IMAGINARY designing and developing interactive exhibits, as well as many other types of strategies for communicating mathematics and STEAM. Depending on the project, I might work on the concept, text, art, design, or software, and I like coming up with unique solutions that come from being able to approach a problem from both ends simultaneously.

I have a decade of experience as a full-stack freelance web developer and another decade of experience as a hardcore (C++ under UNIX and Win32 environments) commercial software developer in the interactive telephony world. I worked on projects at large multinationals, small companies, non-profits, NGOs, and different government offices. I did significant work in the visual art world (mainly with Fundación START in Argentina).

I studied physical theater and accumulated over a hundred hours on stage with several independent plays in Buenos Aires. I use this experience in my work, as physical theater gives a great framework to approach visitor experience design and user engagement from a holistic and body-first perspective.

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